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Please Wait to be SeatedCopenhagen, DenmarkWill this design in its entirety, become a long lasting object, we someday can pass on to our children? This is a question PWtbS asks before launching each product. Based in Copenhagen and founded by renown interior photographer Thomas Ibsen, PWtbS' goal is to introduce designs that have the potential of becoming classics. The collection has its own characteristics with a focus on interaction, good craftsmanship, quality, materials and sustainability in terms of durable design. View The Collection

Mercury Bureau Toronto, CanadaMercury Bureau is a Toronto-based studio working across object, exhibition, and graphic design founded by Shane Krepakevich. Mercury Bureau’s work is founded in a love of the varied forms and materials of objects; the way we live with objects and the difference they make in our lives. These inspirations are used to develop new aesthetic and functional possibilities for meeting our everyday needs. Drawing from Krepakevich’s background in art and geology, Mercury Bureau creates focused, sculptural products that achieve complex results with the simplest means.View The Collection

Austin AustinNorfolk, UKAll Austin Austin products are certified Organic by the Soil Association and COSMOS. They are produced in East Anglia and tested only on people. Our bottles are made from 100% recycled material and our boxes from FSC accredited sustainably managed forests. All of the packaging used is recyclable. Austin Austin products are all vegan (apart from our body cream which uses a small amount of beeswax) and they do not contain any GM ingredients, SLS, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours or fragrances.View The Collection

BunbukuTokyo, JapanFounded in 1918 in Japan, during an era of transition to a more modern ways of living, Bunbuku has over a century of tradition built into in every product. Designed with the motto of "Just Right - Not overly, but adequately. Not too much, not too little." True and sincere craftsmanship, all products have been Made in Japan now and since the very beginning.

Toyo Sasaki GlassTokyo, JapanTSG (Toyo-Sasaki Glass) was created in 2002 following the merger between the Houseware Division of Toyo Glass and Sasaki Glass, two of Japan's oldest and largest glassware manufacturing companies which date back as far as 1878. TSG is now the largest glassware company in Japan with a proud tradition of quality and craftsmanship.View The Collection

Toyo Osaka, JapanToyo Steel Company Ltd. was established in 1969 in Osaka, Japan and is the OEM of various office and industrial products with timeless appeal.

Sori Yanagi Tokyo, JapanSori Yanagi was born in 1915 in Tokyo, Japan. Yanagi's designs have a distinct focus on simple and beautiful craftsmanship. His products illustrate his thinking: true beauty is not made, it is born naturally. When he created a new product, he made the first versions over and over by hand, seeking new forms that took shape from both new and old ideas. His iconic Butterfly Stool can be found in the MoMA permanent collection.

Matias MoellenbachCopenhagen, Denmarkis a small independent brand with all the products being designed by Danish designer and Central Saint Martins graduate Matias Møllenbach. They design and produce the object themselves in close collaboration with the artisanal craftsmen who also make all the products by hand. Their aim is to create a strong independent high quality products that doesn’t follow any particular trends, but has its own language and timeless quality.

CommonYachiyo, JapanCommon means usual, shared, not special and conventional. The word "common" is used as the design concept for these items; created for daily life and frequent use. Started in Japan in 2014, Common won a Good Design Award the same year. The brand is featured classic Japanese techniques and works together with the highest quality manufacturers. Its glassware is from Toyo-Sasaki Glass and its cutlery is from Tsubame Shinko. 

TeklaCopenhagen, DenmarkBased in Copenhagen, Tekla was founded with the objective of conceiving the best bed linen possible. Their intent is to accentuate the natures of the fabric and their inherent qualities. Tekla believes that textiles possess an essential role in each home: they can alter the atmosphere and change the way in which you perceive your private space. This is their raison d’être: to show the importance of home textiles and how they, subtle as loud, can make a difference in your everyday life.View The Collection