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Poster Hanger - 50 cm

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Sometimes you just want your poster to speak for itself. Without compromising functionality, a metal rod and a rubber band lets you hang your large poster in the simplest way. Keeping it simple, yet still aesthetically pleasing is precisely what Poster Hanger is all about.

Size 50cm wide
Material Powder coated black, white or solid brass
Origin Mage in Germany

Please Note: This item only works with posters that are 50cm in width. Smaller or larger posters will not fit or be held in place. Does not include wall hook. 

Copenhagen, Denmark
Moebe is a scandinavian design brand based in Copenhagen, consisting of cabinetmaker Anders Thams and architects Nicholas Oldroyd and Martin D. Christensen. At Moebe they design, produce and keep things simple. Focused on the essentials, they try to stay curious and keep their thoughts analogue striving to reduce the designs to their most simple forms. Thereby creating intuitive and honest products. 
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