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Fendor Bendor Slim

By Ass Savers


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The Fendor Bendor is a great option for those truly wet moments when you wish you had a fully protecting mudguard.  

It attaches with no tools, to virtually every bike in just a few seconds. Still foldable, it can easily be stored in a bag or jersey pocket for wet weather deployment 

Foldable full length mudguard
Easy to mount, no tools required
Perfect for fixed gear, road or cross bikes
Super lightweight, only 48 grams (1.7oz)
Longlasting, durable materials

Origin Made in Sweden 
Material 100% recyclable polypropylene
Weight 48 grams (1.7oz)
Size Open L 626mm x W 76mm (24.7 x 3")



ass savers

Ass Savers, Sweden

Started by five designers based out of Gothenburg, arguably the wettest city in all of Sweden, Ass Savers creates products to celebrate and encourage the joy of biking. It is also their belief that we have an obligation to design responsibly to protect the environment as much as we can. That's why you won’t find nasty materials or unnecessary packaging on any Ass Savers product.

Based on a concept as old as the bike itself, they have succeeded in re-inventing the bike fender through the relentless development of hundreds of prototypes, a deep knowledge of sustainable manufacturing and a commitment to refined minimalism and simplicity.

The mudguards are all made in the Swedish town of Borås in a very modern, 14001 ISO-certified and eco award winning facility from raw material sourced from France and Spain. 

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