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Pedal Bin

By Norm Architects

$315.00 CAD

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The Menu Pedal Bin, a staple design created by Norm Architects, is now available in two additions at both ends of the size spectrum: a compact 4L and capacious 30L version. The 4L version makes it possible to add a bin to even the most space-constrained spots, while the high-volume 30L version elegantly manages litter in larger areas.

A well-conceived design whose thoughtful simplicity has made it a favourite in spaces both public and private, the Menu Pedal Bin is an essential part of the aesthetically and functionally unified Menu Bath Series. The bin ties into the collection’s common visual thread of clean lines and rounded edges: a quintessential expression of Norm Architect’s ability to bring softness to modern minimalism.

The Pedal Bin’s lid opens and closes smoothly and silently with a quick push of the pedal and with a lock system that is beautifully hidden inside the bin. Modern materials – including the powder-coated steel body and mirror-polished, stainless steel lid – combine aesthetics, endurance, and tactility. The removable plastic liner is easy to clean and features a smart bag lock.

Designer Norm Architects, Denmark
Materials Stainless Steel, Powder Coated Steel, Plastic, Silicone

4L / 1.1 Gallons H 12.2 x Ø 10"
7L / 1.8 Gallons  H 15.4 x Ø 10"
11L / 2.9 Gallons  H 18.1 x Ø 10.6"
20 L / 5.3 Gallons  H 24.8 x Ø 12"
30L / 7.9 Gallons  H 27 x Ø 13.2"

Copenhagen, Denmark
Menu's philosophy is simple: They want to make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to.

Collaborating with some of the world's best designers, they make objects to be treasured now and forever. These driven creative individuals from the worlds of architecture and design produce high quality design with a crisp Scandinavian look. At Menu they are obsessed with clever solutions for modern living; beautiful objects for everyday use.
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