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Native Union

10 Foot Night Cable

By Fabien Nauroy

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None of us enjoy fumbling around for dropped cables or straining to use our devices when they're recharging.

Native Union's Night Cable is a 3-metre (10 ft.) Lightning-to-USB charge/sync cable with weighted anchor knot. Perfect for charging devices around the home, the extra length of the high-quality nylon braided cable means you can easily use your device while it's connected. Plus, the weighted knot allows you to anchor the cable to any ledge, without it dropping to the floor.

The second generation Night Cable from Native Union features all the usability of the First Generation with a all new re-designed head for long lasting durability and includes a lifetime limited warranty.

Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty from Native Union
Material Soft braided nylon with Kevlar reinforced flexible head
Dimensions 3 meters 10 feet
Weight 236 g (8 oz)
Specifications Lightning to USB connection