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Blooper Lamp

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This cheeky table lamp is just asking to be touched. We think it looks like a shepherdess or an angel. Or an oyster. A classic, simple expression with tactile interaction.

The soft light from the hidden LED bulb reflects off the inside of the bowl. Just tilt her ‘face’ to turn her on or off, brighter or dim.

The Blooper table lamp is ideal for what the Danes call “kringelkroge”, or nooks and crannies – adaptable and easy to move around, she can provide an intimate bedside ambience, spotlight a working surface or lull a child to sleep.

If you feel your life has too many corners, this lamp is the perfect antidote. The steel has been pressed and moulded using traditional techniques that complement the latest LED technology to create a classic, practical and unfussy effect.

Size 35 x 26 x 7 cm / 13.8 x 10.2 x 2.8"
Material Powder Coated Steel
Electrical US Wall Plug
Warranty 2 years manufacturer warranty 
Bulb 17w Integrated LED
LED Colour Warm white
Bulb Life 15,000 hours

Please Note: 12-14 week lead time

Mette Schelde
Aarhus, Denmark
Mette Schelde plays with the interactions between space and object. Since founding her studio in 2012, she has created furniture and architectural projects that focus on and experiment with form, function, quality and simplicity. She received the IF Concept Design Award (’14), the Up/Coming Award (’13), the Great Idea Award (’12), the FSC Design Award (’10) and the French Muuuz Award.

Please Wait to be Seated
Copenhagen, Denmark
Will this design in its entirety, become a long lasting object, we someday can pass on to our children?

This is a question PWtbS asks before launching each product. Based in Copenhagen and founded by renown interior photographer Thomas Ibsen, PWtbS' goal is to introduce designs that have the potential of becoming classics.

The collection has its own characteristics with a focus on interaction, good craftsmanship, quality, materials and sustainability in terms of durable design.

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