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Bike Bell

By Sögreni


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This is the classic Sögreni bell. Handmade in Denmark from specially selected materials, it comes with fittings, and is very easily mounted to the handlebar or stem of the bike. The bell is made to fit all normal handlebars - most of them being 22.2 mm (or about 1").

The different bells make a slightly different, distinct tone.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Sögreni was established by Søren Sögreni in 1981. At first the company was building a reputation for unique and contemporary designed bicycles, but has now expanded in bicycle accessories. In acknowledgement for his contribution to Danish design, Søren in 2002 was nominated as Danish Designer of the Year. The work of Sören Sögreni is often seen in international magazines like Wallpaper and Conde Nast Traveller, and a range of museums throughout the world keep Sögreni bicycles in their permanent collections, or offer the Sögreni bicycle accessories in their museum shops.