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The Rooster Cafetiére

By Matias Moellenbach


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The glass French press is an evolution of the classic press pot. The press brews a perfect a full-bodied pot of coffee or tea in the traditional French press method. The press is an uncompromising marriage of function and beauty. The bottom arch is not only for aesthetic purposes. The arch creates a distance between the hot liquid and table - which means you don't need a coaster or anything else to protect the surface it's sitting on.

Designer Matias Mollenbach, Denmark 
H17 x Ø10 cm 
Capacity 600 ml (about 4 cups)
Materials Mesh steel filter / Borosilicate glass pitcher & lid / Metal pull
Care Dishwasher safe

Matias Moellenbach
Copenhagen, Denmark
is a small independent brand with all the products being designed by Danish designer and Central Saint Martins graduate Matias Møllenbach. They design and produce the object themselves in close collaboration with the artisanal craftsmen who also make all the products by hand. Their aim is to create a strong independent high quality products that doesn’t follow any particular trends, but has its own language and timeless quality.