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Adjustable Brass Sharpener

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At the beginning of the 1950s in Geretsried, Germany, DUX developed a sharpener which makes it possible to set the sharpness of the pencil point in three variations. The idea arose out of enquiries from users in different disciplines who wanted to have the leads of their pencils at different points. A technical draughtsman or an architect, for example, likes a very sharp point, while a designer or an artist prefers a rather blunt pencil for his sketches.

The variable sharpener developed by DUX takes account of these different applications. A dial attached to the end of the sharpener makes it possible to adjust it for three different pencil points. The dial (or knurl) can be heard and felt clicking into place when it is turned. Depending on the setting, the pencil is allowed to enter more or less deeply into the interior of the sharpener. The precisely set angle between the cone and the blade then produces the desired point.

Still made in Germany today, the DUX sharpener is made of brass and includes a genuine leather case plus 6 DUX High Carbon steel replacement blades.






1.5" x 0.75" x 0.5"