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Possibly the most elegant USB fan to be designed, the 11+ O-Fan is quite simply a fan which can plug into a computer or wall-adapter. Take a closer look and you see it sits freely on its saddle that together with the weight and balance of the fan can accommodate any desired wind direction and maximizes its cooling efficiency. It features a high a low speed toggle and the motor runs the fan very quietly even after a long hours of operation. 

cloudandco, South Korea
Matte gray soft touch plastic
L 104 x W 104 x H 127 mm
L 4 x W 4 x H 5 "
153 mm (5 ') USB cable
140g (5oz)
No assembly or batteries required
Two speeds: off + low + high
Box Contents
Fan, Fan stand, USB cable
South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

11+ have mastered functional simplicity and practicality with a line of objects that enhance life, perform tasks and despite their bold looks have a tendency to readily disappear into the background - in our opinion, the perfect feature for technological products.

They haven't taken the easy road either. Their interpretations of everyday products such as humidifiers and UBS fans - both of which exist in cluttered, cheap environments - are a distinct challenge that they and design partners cloudandco have made look easy.

11+ (eleven plus) donates a portion of the sale of each product to the WHO/UNICEF Waterplus campaign with the goal of providing safe drinking water to those in need.
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