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Native Union

Jump Cable (Battery Backup + Charger)

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The Native Union JUMP Cable is an innovative 2-in-1 charging cable and battery booster - a combination that ensures you’ll always have reserve power when you’re on the go. 


Use JUMP as your everyday charging cable to charge your device from any USB power outlet. Unlike power banks, JUMP charges itself automatically after charging your device, so it's always full and ready for those daily emergencies. 



Compact size
Nautical colour
Up to 3hrs extra talk time
Up to 2hrs extra internet usage 



800mAh battery
MFi certified
Cable type: Lightning to USB
Connections: Lightning



Braided fabric


Length 48cm (19") fully unraveled







Charging Details

The JUMP Cable provides an estimated 30–33% charge to iPhone 5. For the iPhone 5s, which has a larger battery, this number is closer to 24–27%, and for the iPhone 6 the charge would be estimated around 15–18%, considering the size of its battery. (These % are calculated based on the phone being tested in idle mode). It is important to note that every phone is different when it comes to charging percentages, even phones of the same model. The size of your phone’s battery and it's circuitry, coupled with how you use your phone, affects the percent charge your JUMP Cable will discharge. WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Screen Brightness, even Software Versions are all a factor, especially during charging.