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Keychain Cable (Apple Lightning)

By Native Union

$38.00 CAD

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The Native Union KEY is a Lightning-to-USB braided cable designed to attach to your keyring for easy use wherever you may be. Simply plug the cable to any USB outlet, and charge or sync your iOS device quickly and easily. The KEY Cable features a USB connector on one end and a Lightning connector on the other.


Never worry about remembering your charger again. The cable fits on your keyring, so you'll always be prepared for daily recharge emergencies - just grab your keys and go!




Easy syncing and high-speed charging

Durable braided cable with hand-tied knot

Fits on your keyring



Braided fabric
Nautical colour



Cable type: Lightning to USB

Connections: Lightning



Cable Length 20cm (7.9")

h: 10.35 cm (4.07")
l: 3.35cm (1.32")
w: 3.35cm (1.32")

Weight 26.5 g