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Reflective Backpack & Tote

By Notabag

$48.00 CAD

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The Reflective Notabag is a clever combination of a bag and a backpack made from high visibility reflective material. Just like the original Notabag, it quickly transforms from a bag to a backpack with a pull of the straps, which makes it ideal for cyclists since its design lets you use both hands for riding.  


German Design Award 2016


Outer: 100% Reflective Polyester
Inner: 48% Cotton/ 52% Polyester


Washing Instructions
Cold wash & Line dry


Notabag, Germany

"We are driven by the idea that functionally useful products improve our lives. We believe in the beauty of simplicity and power of intuitive design. That is why we are making Notabag, a smart combination of a bag and a backpack.

Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles of Good Design were my mantra during the process of developing Notabag. I’m somewhat obsessed with simplicity and functionality, and wanted to apply that approach to every aspect of Notabag.”

– Adnan Alicusic, founder of Notabag 

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