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Cirrus No.2 Steamer

By Steamery

$159.00 CAD

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Make your clothes look your best at home or on the road with worlds leading textile steamer; the Cirrus No.2 by Steamery Stockholm. Only clocking in at 590g (1.3.lbs) it's small, lightweight and handheld. The steamer plugs straight into the wall and generates steam in only 25 seconds while the internal reservoir can generate 6 minutes of steam.

The soft, matte finish gives Cirrus No.2 a premium touch. The front is made in brushed stainless steel, designed to spread the steam evenly over the fabric to smooth out all creases in just one swipe.

Voltage (US/Japan): 100-125 V (Use in EU with voltage converter)

Stockholm, Sweden
Steamery was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2014 by Martin Lingner and Frej Lewenhaupt. By combining a professional background in fashion and Scandinavian design aesthetics with high technology and sustainable values we aim to make it easier for people to take care of their clothes. We want to give fashion enthusiasts access to their whole wardrobe. Forget about wrinkly clothes and pilled, destroyed knits. Invest in pieces you love and make them last.
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