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T-190 Stackable Small Tool Box

By Trusco

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Made from durable pressed steel the Trusco line of toolboxes have developed a cult following since their introduction over 70 years ago. These endlessly useful storage boxes combine the industrial look of vintage toolboxes with the precision of modern engineering.

The T-190 model features a secure clip-closure plus small feet to keep it raised off surfaces and matching indentations on the lid to allow for sturdy stacking.

Use it as a space-saving storage system on or in your desk, in the kitchen or bathroom and - of course - the garage. Store art supplies, your sewing kit, stationary supplies, tools or parts - or whatever else you may need. 

Keiyu Hisashi (1947), Japan
Internal Dimensions
L 191 x W 92 x H 41 mm
L 7.5 x W 3.6 x H 2 "
400 g (14 oz)

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Trusco, Japan

Manufactured in Japan, Trusco pieces of equipment will last you your entire life - while looking good and working great.
Trusco was founded in 1959 in Osaka, as a wholesaler of machine tools, but the design of the original Trusco toolbox dates back to the 1940s. Its design, by Keiyu Hisashi, is unmistakable and it still functions as well as it did years ago.

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